Call for digital artists (including traditional artists who can digitise their work), graphic designers and illustrators who work in or who are looking to break into the exciting field of NFTs. No prior knowledge of NFTs necessary (but beneficial). Participants must be willing to work with us to refine artwork to spec.

Enter our ‘NFTs for Good in LatAm’ contest to win £750 in cash for one winning ‘base’ character design (head and shoulders), with a further £250 paid to the Winner to create 75 unique ‘traits’.

The winning design will form the basis of a 10,000 piece NFT collection. This is the chance for Participants to have their winning NFT collection launched and promoted by us and our partners, including top industry influencers, businesses and not-for-profits, while sharing in a percentage of the profits of the NFT sale.

There has never been a better opportunity for artists to gain exposure, recognition and the level of compensation for their work offered by NFTs. Participants will be contractually awarded a percentage of the NFT sale, the success of which will give the Winner and their portfolio vast exposure and a launch pad into this exciting, high-growth industry. Being part of this initiative sets the stage for the Winner to continue to make an income selling their own work as NFTs.

‘NFTs for Good in LatAm’ in conjunction with The Giving Block are contributing a percentage of the NFT raise to the work our partner charity is doing – not only raising their exposure but also that of Participants’ Artwork by an ongoing joint commitment to good causes.

There will also be opportunities (though not mandatory) to join us on podcasts, be promoted via our social media channels, Medium etc.


Our NFT theme is deliberately meta as it playfully tackles the issue of a volatile crypto/NFT market, loosely depicting animals showing certain satirical characteristics of crypto/NFT investors. Our NFT is called: ‘Animal Instincts’, with the tagline: ‘Each Animal Instinct represents a unique investing style. Which are you? Bullish bravado? Bearish resolve? Go with your Animal Instincts…’

The base character design we are looking for is a head/shoulders/frontal or three-quarter pose (see ‘NFT Examples’ below). Animal images, or any type of anthropomorphized hybrid creature in any style are encouraged. For Participants who predominantly work with human figures/portraiture the nod to an ‘animal’ can be very slight: a fox’s ears, a walrus’s ‘moustache’, etc.

Don’t be limited by these suggestions: ‘bull’ and ‘bear’ characters are funny/meta as they represent the characteristics of an investor in a bull or bear market – perhaps wearing bling or paupers’ clothes, or a combination accordingly – but are in no way exhaustive or definitive. Participants can choose any animal/hybrid (‘Catlike stealth?’… ’Antlike antipathy?’... ‘Slothlike savvy?’, etc). Participants are encouraged to be as creative as they like with their Artwork and taglines.

Below are examples we like – our own plus some of the top current NFTs (copyright remains with the creators). They show the type of detached, disaffected cool that the best NFTs have – remember, people use NFTs as their avatars and hence project their personalities onto the NFT characters.

Check them out for inspiration. We also encourage you to check out other popular NFTs on OpenSea and elsewhere, to familiarise yourself with the market.


A winner will be selected via a community vote on our social media channels (date to be determined depending on market and other factors) and a contract awarded for a percentage of the total NFT sale (see ‘Official Rules’ below for full details).

The winner must be able to commit to completing a further 75-100 traits (10 sunglasses, 10 jackets, 15 hats, 5 different coloured backgrounds, etc) that can then be mixed and matched to create 10,000 ‘unique’ variations.

These traits can be very subtle, as with the below examples: a slight change in clothing, hair/fur colour/design, B/G, etc. Participants should bear in mind as they create the base character to consider a style and layout that such traits will be easiest to design for – whether more abstract, modular, hyper realistic, Anime, etc, is up to the Participant, their style preferences, etc.


The entry fee is £20, with all subsequent submissions £5. There is no limit to the number of subsequent images that a Participant can submit. Fees can be paid by any of the below methods (crypto or Paypal).

BTC - 3MXiaLuXQQr78nvqTP7oJZud6J5sSDukb9

USDC ERC20 - 0xCcc69042a08D8789785038Ae7Ae503234A29ABA6

ETH - 0xa31a001bd404527Aa00F306533862Ef81bFf9f8d

USDT ERC20 - 0xF04Eec0FF59a1e145E42C0c726a678f8D691885e

Once paid, Participants are encouraged (though not compulsory) to drop us an email at [email protected] with links to their website, portfolio, a few lines about themselves and their work, etc. We can then start promoting Participants’ work to our communities, prior to finished contest Artwork.

Please get in touch with [email protected] for further questions, details as regards the brief, payment, contract, etc.


Competition Terms:
1. This is an NFT art contest for a single character design.
2. The winning entry will be offered a contract for a 10,000 unique piece collection.
3. The winning Participant must be able to commit to creating a further 75 traits to be mixed and matched to create 10,000 unique pieces.
4. The winner will receive an additional prize of £250 to complete these traits.
5. The contract will include a percentage of the total sale, to be negotiated with the winning Participant based on experience, etc, of not less than 6% of total sale.
6. Only digital techniques to create the artworks are accepted (due to the nature of NFT collections); with the exception of:
7. Submissions containing, animation or wholly AI generated art are NOT accepted.
8. ‘Digital submissions’ can include (but are not limited to) work from digital artists (including traditional artists who can digitise their work), graphic designers and illustrators.
9. Theme: Animal Instincts. All entries must follow the Competition theme and present original characters. 
10. The Competition is open to amateur and professional artists.
11. The Participant MUST have a full copyright of their submitted work.
12.  Works containing pornography or promoting violence won’t be accepted. 13. The Competition is international.
14. Submission is £20 per entry, with all subsequent entries £5.
15. There is no limit to the number of subsequent images that a Participant can submit.
16. Only png and jpeg image file formats will be accepted.
17. Submissions with very low quality won't be accepted.

Submission Deadline:
Artwork submissions will be accepted from March 1, 2023 to April 15, 2023. The submitted artworks will be evaluated and selected works profiled and published on our Medium immediately after being approved.

How to Submit:
The Artworks must be submitted via the method described on this page (www).

General rules:
1. The Competition is organized and sponsored by Decentr (UK) Ltd., called herein the Organiser.
2. To take part in the Competition, the Participant must agree to the official rules.
3. By submitting an artwork via the method described on this page (www.) the Participant agrees to these Rules.
4. By entering the competition, the Participant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted artwork is an original work created solely by the Participant, that the creation does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the image.
5. All the copyrights during and after the competition belong to the Participant. The Organiser may showcase the artworks taking part in the Competition on its website and social media and to use them for marketing purposes.
6. Artworks must not be watermarked by any external source, cannot have any company logos, trademarks or otherwise display copyrighted content which does not belong to the Participant. Personal logos and signatures are allowed.

Awards and Winners:
1. The winners will be selected by community vote, and will receive the following prize:
£750 for the winning Artwork
£250 for 75 additional traits
A negotiable contract for a percentage of total NFT sales
2. The determinative criteria will be: quality, technique and thematic relevance.   
3. The Winners will be announced on the Organiser’s website and social media, on a date TBD.
This date will be announced on the Organiser’s website and social media pages. The Winner will be informed personally via email.
4. If the top Artwork is deemed to be invalid by any reason, an alternate winner will be selected.

Additional information:
1. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Rules without informing the Participants beforehand.
2. The Organiser is not held responsible for any damage or loss experienced as a result of participating in the competition by the Participant or any parties related to him/her/it.
3. By accepting the competition rules, the Participant agrees that his/her personal information will be collected, processed and disclosed to third parties for the needs of the contest.
4. The Participant’s name may be displayed on the Organiser’s social media pages for promotional purposes.
5. If the Participant is the contest Winner, his/her name and email will be disclosed to the contest sponsors in order to receive the prize. In this case, the Winner’s name will be displayed on the Organiser’s website and social media pages.
6. Participation in any/all promotional activities is strictly at the Participants’ discretion.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected].      

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